Christmas Message 2020

RideRater Christmas

To say it has been quite a year would be an understatement.

COVID-19 and the associated restrictions took the world by storm from March. Many have sadly lost their lives, loved ones and livelihoods.

The UK theme park industry had an imposed shutdown for almost four months, before being allowed to reopen in limited capacity from July.

One good thing to come from the pandemic is the creativity and innovation – which parks usually reserve for new rides – has seen them operate in new and different ways during the second half of the year.

The independent theme parks in particular have had their revenue streams effectively cut off in spectacular fashion.

As the bulldozers this month moved into the former Camelot theme park to finally level the remaining structures, we were reminded that smaller parks need our support in order to survive.

As the closed Pleasure Island also stands ready to be flattened, let’s not forget that the UK’s diminishing number of independent theme parks need us now more than ever.

RideRater has of course continued in its own small way, celebrating our 10-year anniversary and once again we named our award winners.

Thank you all for your continued support, and as we look to 2021 it seems that better times are on the horizon.

However you’re able to celebrate this festive period, we wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.