New Rides

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This page lists upcoming rides at the UK’s theme and amusement parks.

Expected OpeningLocationRide NameStatusRide DescriptionLink
2022, SpringDrayton ManorUnknownAnnouncedThemed area and/or ride(s); dubbed ‘Invasion’Article
2022Flamingo LandUnknownUnder Construction10-inversion Intamin rollercoaster; dubbed ‘Inversion’Article
2023Southport PleasurelandUnknownPlanning ApprovedZamperla Lightning CoasterArticle
2023, MarchChessington World of AdventuresUnknownPending Planning PermissionBoomerang-style shuttle rollercoaster with 1.4 metre height restriction; dubbed ‘Hero’Article
2024, MarchThorpe ParkUnknownPre-Planning ApplicationRollercoaster; 236-foot UK height record holder; dubbed ‘Project Exodus’Article

Note that expected opening dates may not yet have been confirmed by the parks.

Page updated 6 January 2022.