Ultimate rollercoaster remains mothballed

The Ultimate, Lightwater Valley

Lightwater Valley’s Ultimate rollercoaster will remain non-operational during 2022, the park has confirmed.

As of yesterday, Lightwater Valley’s Twitter account was responding to queries saying that the ride will not operate in 2022.

The Ultimate remains at Lightwater Valley, but it has not operated since 2019 after being mothballed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the North Yorkshire park’s summer 2021 takeover by the Brighton Pier Group (BPG), the latter’s chief executive Anne Ackord told RideRater that the Ultimate would be assessed for viability of operation or modification.

An last month, a spokesperson for BPG told RideRater that no decision had yet been made on the Ultimate.

“[The park] are assessing the repairs required to bring it safely back into use,” he said.

However, this month the ride has now been removed from Lightwater Valley’s website for the first time.

In recent years the theme park has moved towards the family and young child market, and this has been reiterated by owners on social media.

In a nod to the original Ultimate, the park is adding a virtual reality experience for 2022 called the Ultimate VR Coaster, which is accessible for a £5 upcharge.