Lightwater Valley ‘ahead of expectations’

Lightwater Valley

Lightwater Valley owner the Brighton Pier Group (BPG) has said that the theme park continues to trade “ahead of expectations”.

In a trading update issued on Monday, the BPG said it expects total sales of £22.7 million, up 177% on the same period in 2020 and up 31% against the same (pre-COVID-19) period in 2019.

The figures cover the company’s entire portfolio, which includes the Brighton Palace Pier plus several bars and golf attractions.

The group also said it expected to pay off almost £8 million of debt this year. Its share price subsequently rose by 17% on Monday.

The BPG singled-out Lightwater Valley as continuing to trade “ahead of expectations”, without giving figures due to the relatively short period of BPG ownership of the park.

Earlier this morning BPG chief executive Anne Ackord said that she expected 2022 to be a “good year” for the group.

The North Yorkshire park was acquired by the BPG in June last year, the North Yorkshire park has continued to focus on the family and young-child model of operation.

It was confirmed earlier this month that the Ultimate rollercoaster will remain mothballed for a third year in 2022.

Several other thrill rides have also been removed from the park in recent years, but the official line on the Ultimate is that its long-term future remains under review.