YouTuber of the Year 2021: Slothy Vlogs

RideRater YouTuber of the Year

Slothy Vlogs has been named YouTuber of the Year 2021 by RideRater’s readers and followers.

Beating Theme Park Worldwide by 74.7% to 25.3%, Slothy Vlogs managed to go one further than 2018, when they came second.

Slothy Vlogs is run by David Stratton, who focuses his content of the travelling fair industry.

He retained and extended his lead from the first round, where he scored 29% to Theme Park Worldwide’s 28%.

RideRater’s YouTuber of the Year award uses a two-round system where a run-off is used if no one scores above 50% in the first round of votes.

Congratulations to the winner and all six nominees who were put forward by our Twitter followers earlier this month.

Slothy Vlogs now enters our Hall of Fame along with our past winners.