Best Park 2021: Adventure Island wins award

Rage, Adventure Island

Adventure Island has been named as Best Park 2021 by RideRater, entering our Hall of Fame.

The coastal amusement park in Southend-on-Sea elongated the UK theme park season by opening through to Christmas Eve this year.

Its staff have also stood out with their enthusiasm, friendliness and great attitude. Season tickets have also been heavily discounted.

And right at the end of this extended season, the Essex amusement park unveiled its latest flat ride, Screature.

RideRater communications manager Steve Wilson said: “Adventure Island’s response to COVID-19 has been to open longer and later, giving people more opportunity opportunity to escape during another difficult year.

“Somehow they have also managed to motivate their staff into being the most fluorescent we’ve seen among all the attractions we have visited this year.

“Adventure Island has challenged the conventional UK theme park model more than anyone else this year, a feat even more remarkable given tough competition.”