A park five times more popular than Alton Towers

Paramount LondonIf all goes to plan, Britain could be on the verge of having a new theme park attracting 15 million people per year.

That’s the bold vision of those behind the ‘London’ Paramount project planned for Kent.

“We expect London Paramount Entertainment Resort to attract 15 million visitors a year within a few years of opening, an average of 50,000 visitors a day,” says director Fenlon Dunphy.

If his hopes turn out to be well-founded, the figures will represent almost double the number of visitors Merlin Entertainments is able to attract across all of its UK theme parks.

The £2 billion Paramount project would dwarf the three million annual guests Alton Towers enjoys as its peak.

Scheduled to open it time for Easter 2020, final planning permission has yet to be agreed, although it is widely expected to be passed.

European big hitter

The resort sees itself competing with the big players in Europe, including Disneyland Paris – which has lately been attracting some five million fewer guests than what Dunphy hopes to see in Kent.

The Star Trek franchise has been shown in artist impressions of the resort

The Star Trek franchise has been shown in artist impressions of the resort

Prices are also expected to be aligned to large international resorts according to Dunphy.

He says: “We are looking at resorts of a similar scale in other countries and the ticket schemes they have in place.

“The final ticket price will be decided closer to opening and be dependent on market value at that time.”

The Paramount resort would be open all year round, something which may worry directors at Merlin Entertainments, whose UK resorts struggle to attract visitor numbers outside of the main theme park season.

Dunphy says: “With approximately 70% of [the resort] projected to be under cover, this will ensure people can visit and enjoy their experience all year round.”

Although he would not be drawn on what type of rides or rollercoasters would be coming to the park, he said that with Paramount Studios and BBC Worldwide on board, one could rest assured that it would be a successful “world-class entertainment destination”.