2014 Trivia: Quiz of the year’s news

QuizTry our quiz of 2014’s news and find out how much you were paying attention to the events of last year.

The answers are given at the bottom of the page – so find out if you were oblivious, air headed, a flying machine or an ultimate observer.

Q1. Who said that government policy on tourism “did his head in”?
A: John Wardley, legendary ride designer
B: Gordon Gibb, chief executive of Flamingo Land
C: Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister, during a visit to Blackpool Pleasure Beach
D: Nick Varney, chief executive of Merlin Entertainments

Q2. A deer was decapitated by which Lightwater Valley ride?
A: Raptor Attack
B: Black Widow
C: The Ultimate
D: Eagle’s Claw

Q3. What is the latest Blackpool Pleasure Beach opened until during the season?
A: 10pm
B: 11pm
C: 12am
D: 1am

Q4. Alton Towers was reportedly quoting what price for a night in its new ‘tree house’ accommodation?
A: £950
B: £1,200
C: £1,450
D: £1,700

Q5. Which park went into administration during the year?
A: Fantasy Island
B: Pleasure Island
C: Lightwater Valley
D: Pleasurewood Hills

Q6. Thorpe Park’s Asylum scare maze was removed due to what type of criticism?
A: It mocked unemployed people
B: It featured naked actors within
C: It stigmatised mental health issues
D: It was restricted to premium Merlin Annual Pass holders only

Q7. How many annual passes did Merlin Entertainments claim to sell in its January sale?
A: 70,000
B: 80,000
C: 90,000
D: 100,000

Q8. Which park had plans for a ‘haunted house’ drop ride rejected by the local council?
A: Legoland Windsor
B: Paultons Park
C: Drayton Manor
D: Flamingo Land

Q9. Thorpe Park became the most expensive park in the UK – what did the on-the-day price hit?
A: £47.99
B: £48.99
C: £49.99
D: £50.99

Q10. Who was again seen receiving preferential treatment and being followed by the paparazzi at major theme parks?
A: Prince Harry
B: Jerry Springer
C: Mick Jagger
D: Katie Price

Scroll down for the answers and see how you scored below:

0-2 correct: Oblivious!
3-5 correct: Air headed!
6-8 correct: Flying machine!
9-10 correct: Ultimate observer!

1. D
2. C
3. C
4. A
5. A
6. C
7. A
8. A
9. C
10. D