“Modern Pleasure Beach superior to tacky 80s”

As parks up and down the country start to come out of their winter hibernation, maintenance crews are busily working away at getting rides and the park ready for the new season.

The finishing touches are being made, walkways being hosed down and floors polished, whilst rides are being put back together and tested after intensive tests have been performed to check for signs of fatigue.
The first of the major parks opens up its doors this weekend and gives its fans the opportunity for some early season riding.
This is of course Blackpool Pleasure Beach and after a long winter, the prospect of getting back “in the saddle” fills the average park enthusiast with excitement as they head down the M55 and catch their first glimpse of the park
Many fans will have their own favourites to head too first with some inevitably racing to be the first public riders on The Big One whilst others will no doubt be heading for their first thrills on one of the parks collection of Wooden Coasters.
Although many people may argue that the “good old days” of the Pleasure Beach are long gone, for me, the Pleasure Beach of recent years is far superior to the dirty and tacky park of the 80’s.
Amanda Thompson and her management team have certainly made the park look the best that it has in my lifetime amidst some very difficult times that they have had to endure.
So with that in mind, I will have to control my excitement until Sunday, when I too will be heading to the park.
What will my first ride be?  Will it be the Big One, the Wild Mouse, Well just to be different; my first ride of the season will be on the classic Derby Racer.
How I love the timeless tunes of the mighty organ cascading around the attraction as you get spun around and what a classic way to start the season.

Peter Andrews