Merlin changes annual pass drink capsule offer

New Merlin Annual Pass designMerlin Annual Pass holders will no longer have the option of purchasing an unlimited free drinks capsule in 2014.

Previously a capsule was available to purchase for £16 and could be re-filled with a selection of fizzy drinks throughout the season.

Merlin will will this year introduce a reduced-size capsule to pass holders for the price of £1.99, with each re-fill costing 75p.

It is not currently known how much smaller the capsule will be, but the company cites the throwing of waste drink as encouraging wasps.

The announcement read: “We wanted to stick it to the wasps, pure and simple. In previous years we’ve had a problem with drinks being thrown away and in warm weather this causes a problem with wasps which, we are committed to beating.”


Merlin has stated that its decision to remove the unlimited free capsule was the result of “customer research”.

“We’re always trying to improve your experience as Passholders and Merlin Members,” it said.

However, the move has been widely criticised on the Merlin Annual Pass Facebook page.

Karen Allaway described the move as “another change which means poorer value for my family”.

Others said it was a “terrible idea”, with many people also stating that they would not be renewing their annual pass upon expiry.