Nemesis: Observation platform to open next week

Nemesis construction walls, Alton Towers

Alton Towers has announced that an observation platform enabling views of the Nemesis rollercoaster being rebuilt will open next week.

The 1994-built ride closed at the end of last season for major re-tracking and support replacement work.

In a marketing communication issued on Friday, Alton Towers said that the observation platform would be open to park visitors from 26 April.

The Staffordshire resort is marketing the ride’s closure as being due to investigations taking place into the alien Nemesis creature, which was the central backstory to the rollercoaster.

“Over the winter months, investigations have been underway at our Phalanx Research Facility to identify the reasons behind the unusual behaviour of Nemesis during 2022,” a marketing email read.

“Our tests are confidential, but all results so far indicate that there is nothing to be concerned about.

“We invite you to take a look for yourself via our Observation Platform open from 26 April.”

Constructed from temporary scaffolding, the observation platform is located adjacent to the former Nemesis Sub-Terra dark ride.

Closed since 2015, the enclosed drop ride is widely expected to reopen this Spring, as the park looks to offset the impact of the Nemesis rollercoaster’s closure on its overall ride capacity.

Once re-launched, the rollercoaster itself is expected to be marketed under the ‘Nemesis Reborn’ name, following a trademark application being filed earlier this year.