Fantasy Island goes into administration

Fantasy IslandFantasy Island amusement park in Lincolnshire has gone into administration following a period of “financial difficulty”.

The Ingoldmells attraction, which includes a market and caravan park, will continue to operate as normal while the process is ongoing.

Administrators Duff & Phelps were called in yesterday to manage and review the park, and London-based firm’s managing director Paul Clark said it was “business as usual” for the time being.

“The business will continue to operate as usual while the administrators review the company’s financial position,” he said.

“No job losses are expected among permanent staff and the seasonal temporary expansion of the payroll during the summer holiday season will continue as usual.”

It is understood that a buyer will eventually be sought for the park, with a statement from the administrators said that registrations of interest were welcome.

‘Important attraction’

Mr Clark said: ““Fantasy Island is an important leisure destination that attracts up to 40,000 visitors a day.

The park features the UK's tallest Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster, the Odyssey

The park features the UK’s tallest Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster, the Odyssey

“As we head into one of the busiest months of the year it is very much business as usual and customers should be assured that this will not impact their experience, whether they are visiting the rides, market or one of the shows.

“It is also important for employees to know that their jobs will not be impacted during these busy summer months and we look forward to working with the team.”

East Lindsey District Council Portfolio Holder for Economic Development, Craig Leyland, told the Skegness Standard newspaper: “It’s always disappointing when a business finds itself in financial difficulty.

“Fantasy Island is an important visitor attraction for Ingoldmells and the wider District and we hope the administrators are able to find a way forward that secures the future of the site and jobs long term.

“We’re pleased the administrators have confirmed that Fantasy Island remains open as normal during the administration process and that no job loses are to be expected at this time.”


Executive Member for Economic Development at Lincolnshire County Council,  Colin Davie told the Skegness Standard he was concerned by the news, but did not expect the site to close.

“Fantasy Island has been, for many years, a key tourist attraction on the Lincolnshire coast so we are, of course, concerned by today’s news.

“However, local tourism is booming on the coast and across Lincolnshire, so we would be very surprised if the site did close – particularly at this time of year.

“The previous and present owners have invested positively in the area over the past few years and become an important part of the local community, as well as being a significant employer of local people.

“I’m sure many will be shocked by today’s news and will be very sorry to see them go.

“I will be making my full officer team available to help and assist any potential new operator or developer for this key and strategic site, so that they’re aware of the support we can offer to help make the attraction a local and national success.”

Fantasy Island employs more than 170 staff, 52 of whom are full-time employees.

9 Comments on "Fantasy Island goes into administration"

  1. Please don’t close down

  2. eve beeneett | 21 August 2014 at 19:06 |


  3. I’m not surprised this place has gone into administration. I visit three times a year and thing this is the best holiday resort in Britain but they don’t half waste some money! If they have been in financial difficulty then why didn’t anyone make some cuts before it came this far? Do they need to spend thousands booking talentless stars like Joey Essex and Charlotte Crosby? There are also about 15 TVs in castaways bar running all day advertising drinks the same as a poster could. What about the massive firework displays that are on TWICE a week that send our dogs into orbit for half an hour?? It seems to me that there are is a lot of unnecessary spending going on by this company. This place is already popular so it isn’t like they need to get people through the doors. It’s a terrible shame it has come to this when it just needed better financial management.

  4. Last time I went the rides could all do with a lick of paint/half was shut down and the prices are ridiculously high even the kiddies rides bring the prices down not everyone can afford the prices ccand there would be more rights full sort it out it would be a shame to shut down full stop ………….

  5. Jamie Rennie | 5 August 2014 at 21:11 |

    Don’t Close It Down! It Needs New Rides, Expanding And More Showbars! Please, Please Don’t Shut Down! :(

  6. To be honest I’m not surprised, I recently came back from visiting there and it’s always the same things! Would be nice to see different items for sale, most of the toy stalls are of very low quality and break the same day! (I have seen this countless times) plus a lot of fake items or unsafe items.
    The rides are the same they have ever been! Don’t get me wrong it’s nice enough to visit every once in a while but it’s dated and if people want quality products I’d go else where.

  7. steve park | 5 August 2014 at 16:50 |

    Its no surprise its in administration.I was the 23rd july and half of the rides were closed.the market was could do with a revamp but opening fully would be a start!!!

  8. Such a shame but the park itself has had no major new rides for a few years – The market is still as good as it used to be many years ago and ive never been to the caravan site so i cant say anything about it. However its a good sign that they are keeping the place open while they sort out what is going on. will be however a sad day should it close for good. Was only there a few weeks ago and in all fairness it was very quite. Good luck to all the staff and more so the admins who can hopefully keep this place going or change hands on the place.

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