40% ‘not interested’ in healthy theme park food

Hamburger and fries40% of people visiting UK theme parks are not interested in healthy food options, a poll for this website suggests.

The research – commissioned in April this year – also revealed that 22% of theme park visitors felt there were enough healthy options already.

37% of those polled said that they wished there were more healthy food offerings available.

95% said they bought food at theme parks, with 65% said they always bought food on visits, wile 30% said they sometimes bought food. Only 5% of those polled said they took their own food.

Soft drink purchases were also a part of 93% of guests’ visits, with 7% saying they took their own drink.

Best and worst

Alton Towers was named the best value theme park for food and drink by 32% of people, while 12% said that all parks operated by Merlin Entertainments represented the worst value.

57% of people said that Alton Towers had the best tasting and selection of food and drink offerings.

In contrast, Drayton Manor was named by the most people (15%) as having the worst tasting and selection of products.

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