Robbie Williams claims Blackpool Pleasure Beach offer

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Singer Robbie Williams has claimed that he was approached to buy Blackpool Pleasure Beach by its owners.

In an interview with comedian Alan Carr, Williams said that a “mere 20 years” after visiting the the park on a coach trip from his native Stoke-on-Trent, the offer came.

“A mere 20 years later, the people that own Blackpool Pleasure Beach want to sell me Blackpool Pleasure Beach,” he said before adding he was “tempted”.

When asked by Carr if discussions were ongoing, Williams said they weren’t.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach managing director Amanda Thompson described the claims as “fake news” in Twitter posts made on Tuesday.

“Fake news…but fun fake news,” one read.

Williams’ claims were aired on Carr’s ‘Life’s a Beach’ podcast, which was broadcast on Monday.

It is not clear when the alleged offer occurred, but this afternoon Blackpool Pleasure Beach released pun-laden statement based on William’s song titles, appearing to dismiss the claims.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper, a spokesperson said: “Blackpool Pleasure Beach, which is wholly owned by the Thompson family has “No Regrets” that Robbie Williams may have “Misunderstood” that “Something Beautiful” like Pleasure Beach is available to buy. 

“With a view “Beyond the Sea” from the top of the Big One, it’s no surprise he is interested, but for now let us entertain you when we reopen for our 125th season on the 12 April.”

Williams, 47, joined Take That at the age of 16. Assuming his family visits to the Pleasure Beach occurred prior to that, and given the circa 20-year gap Williams claimed, it could be assumed that the alleged offer occurred more than a decade ago.