YouTuber of the Year 2019: Voting open

RideRater YouTuber of the Year

Nominees for RideRater’s YouTuber of the Year 2019 Award have been confirmed, and voting is now open.

You can vote for your favourite theme park YouTube creator in 2019 using the poll below.

Our readers were asked to nominate their favourite YouTubers during this week, and 14 nominees made it onto the ballot paper. They are:

  • Airtime John
  • Pleasure Beach Experience
  • Coaster Bot
  • Cupcakes & Coasters
  • Dominic Gardner
  • Fishul
  • iSatnav
  • Jack Silkstone
  • Life of Dylz
  • Screwy Loops
  • Springy Tales
  • Theme Park Banter
  • Theme Park Worldwide
  • Tom Carter

Who do you think has produced the best YouTube content in 2019? Only one YouTuber can enter our Hall of Fame, and it’s up to you to decide.

You can only vote for one YouTuber and you only have a single vote. Multiple votes will be discounted.

The winner will require an overall majority (over 50%) of the votes. If there is no winner when voting closes at 21:00 on 21 November, a second round run-off vote will take place between the top two entrants to determine the winner.