Chessington: New ride replacing Rameses Revenge

Rameses Revenge

The Rameses Revenge ride is leaving Chessington World of Adventures this season, after more than 24 years of operation.

The Huss ride is proposed to be replaced by a new 25-metre (82-foot) drop tower attraction, a planning application filed with Kingston Council shows.

The new 16-seat drop ride will feature 12-metre (40-foot) high ‘crocodile head’ theming, with riders falling into the animal’s mouth.

Waterfall features will be positioned around the new ride’s entrance, while the previous Ancient Egypt-style theme will be retained as part of the Forbidden Kingdom area of the park.


The Egyptian crocodile god Sobek is referred to in the planning documents, which also reveal that water will be sprayed at riders as they freefall into the crocodile’s mouth.

'Sobek' drop tower ride plans

The closure of Rameses Revenge follows the removal of the fellow ‘Top Spin’ model ride Ripsaw from Alton Towers in 2015.

The Flying Jumbos ride will be relocated to the Land of the Dragons area of Chessington to accommodate the new drop tower.

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  1. They could take the top spine to alton tower to bring back rip say.

  2. Sad to see an iconic Chessington ride go, but it’s not been at its best for the last few years. Flying Jumbos must be one of the most relocated rides in the UK now!!.

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