Alton Towers dismantles Ripsaw ride


Alton Towers has dismantled its Ripsaw ride, following reports that it would not feature in the park’s 2016 lineup.

The Top Spin ride and its supporting infrastructure, including queue line fencing, has been dismantled and is being stored in the resort’s car parks.

Last month, is was reported by the TowersStreet website that the ride would not operate during the 2016 season, pending its removal from the park.

Ride Rater also now understands that the ride is being permanently removed from the theme park.

It was also reported by TowersStreet that the Flume water ride was being retired this year, while a further four rides would be mothballed during next year’s season.

End of ‘planned lives’

A long term development plan submitted to authorities in 2012 identified the Ripsaw, Blade and Flume rides as approaching the end of the “planned lives” and projected “replacement” between 2015 and 2019.

Alton Towers responded to a query on Twitter saying: “All rides undergo their scheduled winter maintenance and large spaces such as car parks act as great storage.”

The park announced earlier this week that there would be “changes” to its 2016 ride lineup as part of a repainting and refurbishment programme dubbed ‘Towers Loving Care’.

The Air rollercoaster is widely expected to be re-launched with virtual reality technology

The Air rollercoaster is widely expected to be re-launched with virtual reality technology

It has not yet confirmed what changes will be made to its offerings when its season begins on 19 March next year.

Outer space theme

The Forbidden Valley area of the park – which was the site of the Ripsaw ride – is known to be being partially re-designed for the 2016 season.

The Air rollercoaster will be re-themed, with virtual reality technology widely expected to become a feature of the ride.

The former Air shop is being converted into a restaurant which will see meals delivered to tables via miniature rollercoaster.

Today Alton Towers announced that it would be holding a press conference on 12 January at the Science Museum in London, to announce the two new features for 2016.

A theme of outer space has been suggested, with the sentence “in space you can’t hear yourself scream because there is no air” featuring in today’s marketing material.

The Blade flat ride, also in the Forbidden Valley area, was announced as closing mid-season, but remained open under the end of park operations in November. Its status going into Alton Towers’ 2016 season is not yet known.