Vlogger of the Year 2018: Theme Park Worldwide

Ride Rater Vlogger of the Year

Theme Park Worldwide have been voted as Ride Rater Vlogger of the Year 2018, following a poll of our readers.

The channel, run by Shawn Sandbrooke, beat Slothy Vlogs by 79% to 21% in the second round of voting for the award.

Last week, Theme Park Worldwide received 21.9% of the vote in the first round of voting, with Slothy Vlogs finishing in second on 18.3% out of 13 nominees.

The award requires a majority (i.e. over 50%) of the vote to win, with a second round of voting taking place if no one reaches a majority in the first round.

Theme Park Worldwide now enter our Hall of Fame, as the winner of our inaugural award.

Congratulations to our winner, and we thank all nominees for their fantastic vlogging contributions in 2018.