Galactica ride running without virtual reality element

Galactica rollercoaster, Alton Towers

Alton Towers has been operating its Galactica rollercoaster without virtual reality headsets in recent days, two-and-half years after it was added to the ride.

It is not clear if the move is a temporary measure added during the final days of the peak summer holiday season, the busiest period of Alton Towers’ operating calendar.

The ride has been operating without the technology being offered to riders in recent days, although it has been seen available intermittently.

The Bolliger and Mabillard-built rollercoaster operated as Air from 2002, until it was re-launched as the space-themed Galactica in March 2016.

The fitting of the virtual reality headsets significantly reduced the ride’s guest throughput, and it is widely suspected that their withdrawal is intended to boost ride capacity.

The park has not yet made comment on the issue, with its website still describing Galactica as featuring virtual reality.