Pleasure Island: Second auction to be held at park

Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes

A second auction is to be held at the former Pleasure Island theme park this autumn, as more items look to be sold off.

The first auction at the closed Cleethorpes attraction was held in March this year, with the an apparent erroneous bid of £180,000 for the park’s carousel ride subsequently making the national headlines.

The carousel will be entered with a lower reserve into the new auction, which will be held on the Pleasure Island site on 21 October.

Viewing will take place a week prior, with other items in the sale being the Shrieksville ghost train.

The ride also failed to sell as a complete item in the March auction, and its props and models will not be auctioned off as individual items in the same manner as the Tinkerboo dark ride’s components were in the original sale.

‘Gold dust’

The new sale will feature around 400 lots, and will again be held by Grimsby firm Prestige Auctions.

Original ride plans and other new items will be included in the sale, with auctioneer Carl Vince saying: “When we did another scan of the park we were surprised to see how much is still there.”

He added: “To a park collector, the pictures of ride plans and artist impressions are like gold dust because you don’t usually see this up for sale.”