No opening date for Thorpe Park Ghost Train

Derren Browns Ghost Train

Thorpe Park has said that its latest ride – Derren Brown’s Ghost Train – will now not open before the end of May.

Originally scheduled to open on 6 May, the ride does now not have a fixed opening date, with the park citing “creative” reasons for the further delays.

The park’s website read: “The truth is we are just not happy with a few show elements of the attraction and we will not open up the experience until it’s ready.”

It added that the reason for the delay was “purely creative”, and not related to the ride’s hardware or capacity issues.

Television advertising shown earlier this month said that the ride would be opening at the “end of May”.

The park said it would not make any “further promises that could cause further disappointment” by releasing a future release date.

Visitors with pre-booked tickets are able to change the date of their visit free of charge.