“Towers Loving Care does nothing for me”

from Stuart McNeal

Sadly the Alton Towers’ Towers Loving Care programme is doing nothing for me apart from the monorail at the car park, and Nemesis. I failed to see anything different when walking around.

I had a reply last week from Merlin Entertainments that I will get a official reply within ten working days. Will update you when I know what’s going on.

Customer service was rubbish on opening weekend sadly, and the queue for the monorail at car parks was 40 minutes.

Almost all the food outlets were closed. The only one open in Mutiny Bay was for doughnuts. All in Forbidden Valley apart from Starbucks were closed.

All in Dark Forest closed, and all in Cloud Cuckoo Land closed apart from Burger Kitchen, which was over a one-hour wait for food, it was that busy.

Ice Age has also gone to one show every hour, on the hour but apart from that nothing really tickled my fancy.

It was very clear to see that the ride closures were an issue, as there were a lot of people kicking off in the box office about it and Alton Towers’ staff were just saying ‘nothing we can do about it’ which in turn got people’s backs up more.