Ripsaw ride to be incorporated into Hex


Alton Towers is incorporating its former Ripsaw flat ride into the Hex experience, it has emerged.

The Huss-manufactured Ripsaw was removed from the Forbidden Valley area of the theme park during the closed season.

It was previously thought to be leaving the park, but it has now been confirmed that the ride will be installed inside the enclosed Hex attraction, which is currently closed as part of the changes.

Alton Towers operations superintendent Pete Burns said: “Ripsaw will be incorporated into the Hex ride to refresh the experience after 16 years.

“The Hex name will be retained and there will be no gimmicks ruining Hex’s original theme or atmosphere.”

He added that the experience would add a level of physical thrill compared to Hex’s previous psychological method of giving the illusion of spinning.

Burns said: “You will be spun right round like a record, right round-round.”