“Reduced openings a nail in Merlin’s coffin”

from Laura Mitchell

The reduced opening times of all of Merlin’s UK theme parks is one big nail in their coffin.

Merlin are simply turning guests away and really cannot afford to keep their parks closed.

Although weekdays in term time are very quiet, it is the perfect time for thrill seekers to enjoy the rides with no queues. Now it seems that Merlin are taking this perk away. Although it is only two days per week if you add up the number of off peak days on which the park is closed then it accounts to quite a lot.

I appreciate that theme parks have been quieter following the Smiler crash and that they are losing money, but if the parks are not open then how is that going to attract new trade?

Every year Merlin have been putting nails in their own coffin of death by increasing the price of annual passes and then removing many of the perks. If parks like Alton Towers are going to have rides standing but not operating and staggered opening times for both food places and rides then seriously is it worth visiting?

10am until 4pm on a weekday or indeed on a weekend does not give guests much time in the park. I thought going to theme parks was meant to be fun and enjoyable but sadly that is no longer the case.

Merlin feel the need to make as much money as possible by ripping everyone off which just isn’t fair. Families cannot afford theme park visits on a regular basis as they are simply getting too expensive, and when they do visit they don’t get the best day out possible.

Fast track needs to be scrapped and park capacity needs to be reduced in order to make people have fun instead of waiting in queues all day. It’s now time that they stood up and listened to what their guests want.

I hope that you stand by me on this as with reduced opening times and days it’s going to stop people from visiting. Negative feedback and comments can do a lot of damage to a business so Merlin needs to be very careful.

I personally cannot see that an off peak day at my local attraction Chessington World of Adventures is going to be possible because of the reduced opening days and times. Weekends and school holidays are far too busy and are not an ideal time to visit theme parks. I’d rather have 10am till 6pm as a minimum opening time even on off peak days.

Whatever next for Merlin? Are they going to start charging people to use the toilet or even charge £10 per person rather than per car for parking? And at Chessington who wants to pay that much just to park in a mud pit?

I am angry with Merlin as they deserve to be ashamed of themselves. Thank you for reading.