Chained Oak film to be available free online

Legend of the Chained OakThe film based around the Legend of the Chained Oak is to be available free online from 1 December.

Based on the same Staffordshire legend as the Hex ride at Alton Towers, it had a budget of only £500.

Its amateur, ‘found footage’-style approach has been compared to that of the Paranormal Activity film series.

The film recently won its third award in the eight months since its release, having also been given a four-star rating by this website.

On Friday the team behind the project won the best short film at the Bram Stoker Festival, which follows on from the awards won at the Portobello and Stoke Your Fires events.

The film’s co-producer and actor Dean Maynard said: “This is amazing news for everyone involved with the film, to win one award with the budget and resources we had is crazy – to win three is a miracle”

The film can be watched via from the beginning of next month.