Flamingo Land boosting existing infrastructure

KumaliFlamingo Land has said that 2015 will be a year of investment into its existing infrastructure.

The park’s Director of Marketing, Sarah Mills, also told this website that they were “considering their options” for the following year.

Rumours persist that the park is committed to bringing in a wooden rollercoaster as soon as 2016, after several years of considering such a ride.

“There have been no definite decisions on our next big ride at this stage,” Mills said.

“There will not be a new rollercoaster for 2015, as we only launched Hero in 2013, ¬†and we are currently considering our options for 2016.”

Mills added that next year’s plans include an upgrade to the leisure centre, the checking into the Resort process and the renovation of hirable holiday cottages on the site.

She also said that an additional four cottages and an number of hirable luxury lodges are planned.

Mills described the 2014 season as a “very successful year” in which around 1.5 million guests are estimated to have visited the theme park.

Flamingo Land’s car parks remain free of charge for guests, at a time when a growing number of theme parks now charge for their use.

“There have been no current discussions around changing this,” Mills said.