Man speaks of Fantasy Island staff ‘assault’

Fantasy IslandA man has spoken of an alleged assault on him and his son by staff at Fantasy Island amusement park in Lincolnshire.

He says that both he and his 15-year-old son were involved in an altercation with members of the park’s staff that resulted in a violent attack.

David Holland from Boston claims that the 2 November incident was sparked when he took a picture of the Fantasy Mouse rollercoaster and staff objected.

“The two ride staff told us we cannot take pictures,” David told Ride Rater.

“I pointed out that there are no signs saying this as a reply they said I was taking their photo and started being rude and abusive.

“I then went to complain to the manager who sent us with another worker to sort out the problem. The two workers were rude as soon as we got there and told the man who was supposed to sort it out that they do not care as he cant do anything, so now the so-called peace finding man radio’s another person.

“This time a big security person turns up and asks how it can be resolved. I said I wanted my money back but he refused and said we could go on the Fantasy Mouse as many times as we wanted.

‘Security guard punched me’

David says that at around 2:30pm he and his son attempted to return to the ride but were faced with a security guard who asked them to leave the rollercoaster’s queue.

Fantasy Mouse []“I refused and pointed out the earlier discussion,” David said.

He states that the security guard then “lost his temper” and punched him.

“Admittedly I hit him back because I was in shock at all this bad treatment.

“Two more security officers came – one being the man who said we could ride the Fantasy Mouse – who now said he told us to keep off that ride and because I had punched his pal was going to take me outside for a pasting.

“They dragged me to near Burger King and give me a few slaps [and] a few kicks etc.”

David claims that the staff members also attacked his son both physically and verbally.

“They also punched my son who was asking them to stop it,” he said.

“Eventually I was told to get up and leave but was told by one of the security he was going to rape my son so I should watch out.”

David says that he reported the incident to the police, but was told by them that if he were to press charges the security staff involved would press charges against him for his punching of them.

He said his son suffers from attachment disorder and has been very upset about the incident.

The police also allegedly told David that the Crown Prosecution Service would likely not proceed with the case.

‘Staff felt under threat’

A spokeswoman for Fantasy Island said that the park was committed to providing a “safe and friendly environment for all our guests and staff”.

Paige Harris said: “The incident [in question] relates to a situation where our a number of our ride operatives unfortunately felt under threat and requested support, our security team responded quickly, professionally and appropriately in the circumstances.

“The police were called and no further action was taken as they were happy that the matter had been dealt with correctly by our security team.

“Sadly, with around 3 million visitors a year we do have some disruptions. All our staff are fully trained and work tirelessly to ensure our guests are not affected by such,” she added.