Manchester Bonfire fairground ride collapses

Heaton Park fairground ride collapsed [Manchester Evening News]A fairground ride at Heaton Park in Manchester collapsed during Bonfire Night celebrations, injuring three people.

The ride was a Ski Jump-style flat ride, the variant of which features wheeled carriages traversing a circular ramped track.

The incident occurred on 5 November at around 9pm, with the emergency serviced in attendance shortly afterwards.

Two women and a four-year-old girl are reported to have suffered minor injuries in the accident, according to the Manchester Evening News.

One woman and the girl, Ruby’s, mother Vicki Briggs told the newspaper that the newspaper: “We heard a sound like a bolt coming out. Then it all started to collapse underneath us.

“I was worried about Ruby and jumped out as I could hear it collapsing.

“Ruby suffered a knock to her cheekbone, which is quite swollen. I hurt my back which is sore, and I am going back to the doctors with it.”

The mother and daughter were accompanied on the ride by friend Ambreen Khan.

She said: “As we were coming down the dip on the ride it came to a shuddering halt. Ruby was screaming and I was hurt because of the impact of the metal bar across the carriage on my legs at the top of my thighs.

“The operators told us all to get off. I couldn’t walk off because my legs were hurting so much and one of them lifted me off.”

“I will also be seeking legal advice.”

The Health and Safety Executive has begun an investigation into the incident.