Cleethorpes beach rides were condemned by HSE

Cleethorpes beach, Mack's AmusementsAmusement rides at Mack’s Amusements on Cleethorpes beach were condemned by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) earlier this year, it has emerged.

It is understood that the findings were uncovered prior to the opening of the rides for Easter, and that the defects have now been resolved.

The HSE issued three prohibition notices in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

In one notice dated 17 April, ride owner William McCardle was told he had “failed to carry out adequate planned maintenance in relation to corrosion on supports of the American Coaster”.

The Big Wheel and Chair Plane rides were condemned on 8 April, when it was deemed they had “not been adequately maintained or repaired resulting in structural defects that may result in a risk of structural failure”.

The HSE is the UK’s national independent regulator for workplace health and safety.