Man plans Valhalla marathon for Cheshire charity

Valhalla [image courtesy of]A man is to undertake a 10-hour marathon on Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Valhalla water ride for a local charity this Halloween.

Mark Jump, whose brother Christian has physical and mental learning difficulties, is undertaking the task to support the Cheshire & Warrington Carers Centre in Northwich.

He will ride continuously from 11:30am until 10pm on 31 October during the Pleasure Beach’s annual Halloween event Vampire Beach, which sees extended opening hours for the amusement park.

Valhalla is notorious for the amount of water is deposits on riders, but Mark – whose mother Dorothy is a trustee for the care centre – is not worried about temperatures tumbling.

He’s purchased a wetsuit and will be well wrapped up underneath, with Wellington boots to accompany.


“I’ve been called a few choice words for this challenge, like crazy, mad, raving lunatic, but at the end of the day its for a good cause,” Mark told Ride Rater.

“Maybe I am crazy, not many people wouldĀ ride Valhalla once during cold times of the day, never mind all day.

He said he chose Valhalla because it is his favourite ride anywhere in the world and is well-accustomed to its operation.

“I actually rode Valhalla duringĀ last years Vampire Beach event, not for charity, just for a personal goal, and managed to ride it 52 times during that day.for me its a challenge based on beating 52 rides in a day, whilst raising money for a good cause.”

Anyone wishing to donate to Mark’s cause can access his JustGiving page.