Blackpool Pleasure Beach calls for VAT cut

Blackpool Pleasure BeachBlackpool Pleasure Beach has called for a cut in the VAT rate on tourist attractions and hotel rooms from 20% to 5%.

A similar call has been made my theme park operator Merlin Entertainments and others in recent years, but the government has so-far not responded.

Pleasure Beach director David Cam told the Blackpool Gazette: “The Treasury appear blind to the extraordinary opportunities which a reduced level of VAT on tourism products bring to the British economy.

“Not only would the Staycation concept develop rapidly but there are millions of foreign tourists who percieve the UK is extremely expensive and would be encouraged to visit here should VAT see a reduction.”

In France and Germany, tourism-related VAT (value added tax) is set at 7%, while in Spain and Italy it is half the UK rate at 10%.