Runaway Mine Train out of action at Alton Towers

Runaway Mine TrainAlton Towers’ powered rollercoaster Runaway Mine Train yesterday suffered a breakdown and stopped mid-cycle.

A Twitter user described how the Mack-manufactured ride stopped “mid run and at a 45-degree angle”.

The rollercoaster was today seen with its train in two halves, with the rear section remaining within the tunnel shared with the Congo River Rapids ride.

The front half of the train has been photographed further up the track, but it is understood that the separation is part of Alton Towers’ recovery procedure and did not occur with guests on board.

No injuries were reported following the ride’s loss of propulsion on Tuesday, and the train remained intact until staff began evacuating those on the train.

In 2006, the train detached mid-cycle and the two halves collided, causing a number of injuries and the closure of the ride for eight months.