Alton Towers reopens The Smiler after bolt fall

The Smiler logoAlton Towers this morning reopened The Smiler rollercoaster following a falling bolt causing a partial track detachment on Sunday.

The Gerstlauer-manufactured ride was showed queue times of approximately 90 minutes during the early part of the park’s opening.

The BBC quoted a spokesperson from the park as saying: “The small piece of debris came from an area of the track. This has now been resolved.”

News of the incident – during which a 30cm bolt fell onto the overhead queue line grating and causing the closure of the ride – has gone national in recent days.

A one-inch (25mm) gap appeared in the track, over which at least one of the rollercoaster’s trains passed according to eyewitnesses.

Virtually all major UK news outlets and newspapers have now reported in the incident, in what will be seen as a considerably negative public relations incident for Alton Towers.