New Alton Towers scare maze named The Sanctuary

Alton Towers has named its new scare maze for the 2012 Scarefest event as The Sanctuary.

The new attraction will replace the Boiler House maze, which was retired following last year’s Halloween events.

The park said it will invite guests to “book an appointment at an abandoned facility” but warns that “a terrifying twist awaits”.

It will be located adjacent to the X Sector area of the Staffordshire theme park, and be linked to the park’s 2013 rollercoaster.

Now under construction, the 2013 ride is currently dubbed Secret Weapon Seven (SW7), and some if its storyline is expected to intertwine with the new scare maze.


Marketing head Katherine Duckworth said: “Details of the new ride coming to the theme park in 2013 are still a closely guarded secret but we know that people are hugely excited about its arrival and want a hint of what is to come.

“The Sanctuary is set to make Scarefest more terrifying than ever, and give our guests the chance to experience a preview of our new ride before it opens to the public in March,” she added.

The Carnival of Screams scare maze will return this Halloween

Admission to both the new maze and the returning Carnival of Screams attraction will cost between £9 and £13, with after 5pm periods being the most expensive.

The Terror of the Towers scare maze, located within the gothic Alton Towers ruins, will return for its twelfth year, while the Zombies! Scare Zone makes a return following its debut last year.

Both of those attractions are free of charge, but typically attract the longest queues.

For the first time, the park will offer a ‘Scarefest Freedom’ ticket – enabling annual pass holders the opportunity to have unlimited access to the paid scare mazes – as well as fast track access to the Terror of the Towers – over the whole course of the Scarefest period.

In a slight change to recent years, the 2012 Scarefest begins n the weekend of 13/14 October, followed by continuous run between the 19th and 31st of the month.