Chessington girl ‘disappeared through bridge gap’

The aunt of the four-year-old girl injured at Chessington World of Adventures on Thursday has said she fell through a gap in a bridge.

The girl has been named as Jessica Blake and her condition described as “critical” by the Daily Mail newspaper.

It describes her injuries as including a fractured skull and ribs, with bleeding to the liver and kidneys.

As previously reported, the incident occurred on Thursday in the queue line to the Tomb Blaster dark ride, of which much is at an elevated level.

‘Planks missing’

The Daily Mail quoted Jessica’s aunt, Carly Hyde, as saying: “There were one or two planks missing from the bridge. Jessica was walking ahead of her mother and all of a sudden Sarah saw her disappear through the gap.

“Our little girl is touch and go at the moment, the doctors have said she has suffered damage to the right side of the brain.”

The BBC reports that initial inspections are focused on a fence panel that lines the ride’s queue, according to the theme park.

The height of the fall has widely been misreported as being 30 feet, but the walkways of the Tomb Blaster queue do not exceed 15 feet – with the BBC quoting the fall as taking place from 14 feet.

The girl remains in a specialist trauma unit at St George’s Hospital in Tooting.

“Their main priority at the moment is to get her through the next 24 hours,” Mrs Hyde added.

Tomb Blaster will be closed until Tuesday, according to the theme park’s website.