Mother of Chessington girl describes accident

The mother of the girl who fell 14 feet at Chessington World of Adventures has described her daughter’s fall.

Four-year-old Jessica Blake fell from the queue line to the Tomb Blaster dark ride on Thursday last week.

She sustained a fractured skull, broken ribs and bleed on the brain and remains in hospital.

Her mother Sarah Archer told KentOnline: “She was in front of me. We were all stood still in the queue.

“She simply had her hands on the fence. When the people came to move along in the queue, she fell through.

“There was nothing there to protect her. I can’t really remember anything after that.”

She revealed that doctors were keeping Jessica sedated in intensive care until swelling to her brain subsides. Her condition is currently described as “critical but stable”.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector visited the Chessington theme park on Monday and has appealed for witnesses to come forward.