Thorpe Park launches LC12 promotional website


Screenshot of the new website

Thorpe Park has launched a promotional website and viral marketing strategy for its forthcoming rollercoaster dubbed LC12.

The website,, features the international biohazard symbol and states “the end is coming” – a phrase that has been associated with the ride since last year.

A countdown on the website states “uncover the truth” with 102 days remaining. This would give an arrival date of midday on 1 August this year. It is not clear what it is a countdown to.

The rollercoaster, confirmed to be a Bolliger & Mabillard wingrider, will open in March 2012. It is currently being constructed on a new island adjacent to the existing Stealth ride.

The website is registered by Merlin Entertainments and appears to be authentic.


A theme of apocalypse in the year 2012 and government cover-ups and conspiracies runs strong throughout the website.

A Twitter presence has also been established, which has posted potentially controversial comments regarding recent natural disasters, including the earthquake in Japan.

One Tweet claimed the Japanese government was lying about enforcing a nuclear evacuation zone.

It is likely that the content of the marketing strategy will receive considerable criticism. The plans for the ride’s theming around an aircraft disaster have already been criticised by aviation groups and some local people.