Queen makes surprise visit to Thorpe Park

Queen Elizabeth II yesterday made a surprise visit to Thorpe Park as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour.

The visit was not previously announced as part of the 85-year-old’s current tour of the UK, which is being held as part of the celebrations of her 60th year on the British throne.

Arriving shortly after 10 am and accompanied by her husband Prince Philip alongside considerable security, the Queen quickly drew the attention of the park’s guests.

According to one newspaper, she accessed The Swarm rollercoaster via the Fastrack entrance, riding the front row of the park’s new £18 million ride.

One shocked onlooker said: “The Queen headed straight to The Swarm as soon as she entered the park, she looked very determined to go there first.

“She did briefly stop to speak guests in the standard queue, before she boarded the ride with her Fastrack wristband.

“She came off the ride looking thrilled, although Prince Philip looked far from impressed.”

Her Majesty spent approximately 90 minutes in the park, with Samurai and the Saw Alive horror maze being the other attractions she reportedly sampled.