Chessington monorail complaint upheld

A complaint made following a breakdown on the monorail at Chessington World of Adventures has been upheld by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Mark Coates was reportedly stranded in heavy rain on the Safari Skyway with his two children and niece for 90 minutes in August.

The HSE, which is an independent government body, cited “poorly positioned” and “obscured” video cameras as being responsible for the delay in staff initiating an evacuation.

It has written to the Surrey theme park making a number of recommendations for improvements.

Mr Coates told the Surrey Comet newspaper: “I hope this will show people that they do have recourse for complaint and that they are not powerless against big corporations.”

A spokesman for Chessington said: “At no point during this stoppage was anybody on the ride at risk, although we would like to reiterate our apology to any guests that experienced concern or inconvenience during this time.”