Merlin Annual Pass renewal price to rise by 8.3%

The cost of renewing a standard Merlin Annual Pass will increase by £9 (8.3%) next year, with its premium equivalent renewals rising by £14.40 (11.11%).

New standard pass prices will be held at £156, but new premium passes will rise to £192 from the previous £186.

Renewal prices were frozen at the time of the last annual pass increase in the summer of this year.

The terms and conditions of 2012 passes appear to be largely unchanged, with the exception of some restrictions on the standard pass being removed, as we reported recently.

Half price sale

The new prices apply following a half-price sale starting on 26 December, where the standard pass will be available for £78 in person at the company’s attractions.

The length of this sale was originally understood to have been three weeks, but Merlin have now said its termination will be announced at an unspecified date in January.

However, the company said: “We expect it to run for a minimum of two weeks, however this may change so we advise you purchase your pass as soon as possible.”

The offer is not available for telephone or online bookings, which still include a 10% discount against in-person attraction prices.

Weymouth Eye addition

Merlin are currently constructing the Weymouth Eye observation tower, which will be accessible via the pass upon its expected completion in July 2012.

However, it will not be accessible to pass holders between 29 July and 11 August, according to Merlin.

This is due to a busy period during the summer Olympic Games, which will feature sailing events on the Weymouth coast.

It is not yet clear if restriction will apply to premium pass holders.