Car parking: Who charges what

Pleasure Beach Blackpool currently has the undesirable title of being the most expensive UK theme park to park your car for the day.

We have compiled a list of the prices Britain’s major theme parks charge for a day’s parking.

Independent theme parks typically remain free, with Pleasure Beach being the only exception.

The four theme parks own by Merlin Entertainments all feature parking charges, with Alton Towers being the most expensive at £6 – a 20% rise on last year’s prices.

Pleasure Beach Blackpool – £8
Alton Towers –
Chessington World of Adventures – £2
Legoland Windsor – £2
Thorpe Park – £2
Camelot – FREE
Drayton Manor – FREE
Flamingo Land – FREE
Gullivers – FREE
Lightwater Valley – FREE
Oakwood – FREE
Paultons Park – FREE
Pleasure Island – FREE
Pleasurewood Hills – FREE

Prices correct at time of writing, but are subject to change. Council-owned car parks in the vicinity of attractions are not included.

4 Comments on "Car parking: Who charges what"

  1. I guess the main difference with Blackpool is that you don’t have to pay anything if you don’t want to. There are masses of free spaces on local streets. You don’t have that luxury in the middle of rural Staffordshire.

    The price at Blackpool usually varies with the season. I’ve seen it as little as £4.00 and as much as £12.00.

    • You’re right Rick, I’ve added a line saying they’re correct at time of press. They were £7 in february though so probably won’t be much lower than Alton Towers, if at all, at any point this season. As for street parking, I guess it’s possible but just try it in the height of summer. I know what you’re getting at though as Alton Towers basically have you by the balls.

  2. Surely in fairness, the Blackpool charge should be compared to Priority Parking at Alton, rather than standard parking?

    Not that I defend Blackpool very often P

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