Rollercoaster accident scam still invading Facebook

A scam based on a false story regarding a rollercoaster accident at Alton Towers is continuing to spread across the social networking website Facebook.

A link to a hoax news article reporting on an accident at Alton Towers is automatically re-posted, liked and commented on by affected users.

International variations include the reporting of an accident at Summertime in Australia and Universal Studios in the United States.

Clicking the link will result in a third-party applicationrequesting your Facebook login details, which enables the scam access your account and to re-post itself to your friends, thus spreading.

The scam appears to have peaked over the weekend, and the original offending link has reportedly been killed by Facebook, but the posts are still being seen and new links can easily be developed.

An image of the partially-Vanish rollercoaster at Cosmoworld in Japan accompanies the wall posts.