Nemesis Sub-Terra reopens at Alton Towers

Nemesis Sub-Terra, Alton Towers

The Nemesis Sub-Terra dark drop ride has reopened at Alton Towers after eight years of standing closed.

In an opening ceremony featuring actors on Saturday, a spokesman for the so-called Phalanx organisation cut a red ribbon at the ride’s frontage.

Other actors appeared to be overwhelmed by gases as they escaped the ride building, which is described as the Phalanx Research Facility.

Projected queue times for the ride reached 90 minutes shortly after its 10:00 opening at the Staffordshire theme park.

It retains its original 1.4-metre height restriction for guests, as well as its overall storyline.

Nemesis Sub-Terra’s reintroduction comes during the season-long closure of the Nemesis rollercoaster, which is being largely rebuilt this year.