Nemesis Sub-Terra: Alton Towers ride reopening

Nemesis Sub-Terra

Alton Towers has confirmed that the Nemesis Sub-Terra dark ride will reopen on 27 May, after being mothballed for nearly eight years.

The enclosed drop ride first opened in 2012, but closed in 2015 following a mixed reception and reportedly high staffing costs.

It had been widely expected to reopen during the 2023 season as the Nemesis rollercoaster remains out of action for season-long rebuilding work.

Alton Towers today said it was inviting guests to view “its work at the newly re-commissioned Phalanx Research Facility opening on 27 May”.

Themed around a secretive Phalanx military organisation, Nemesis Sub-Terra linked into the backstory of the original 1994-built Nemesis ride, which concerned a discovered alien creature.


Alton Towers today described the ride experience in a similar fashion to that of the original Nemesis Sub-Terra storyline.

The park said the ride, which keeps its 1.4-metre rider height restriction, was a “guided tour” of the Phalanx’s “latest research facility”.

“Civilians are invited to look, stay alert, but don’t touch, as you’re shown exciting glimpses of a Nemesis egg, their latest discovery,” promotional text read.

The original “your worst nightmare, underground” tagline has also been retained in Alton Towers’ marketing.

The original pre-show video and exit scare zone have recently been seen testing at the park, further suggesting that any changes from the original ride experience may be minimal.

Nemesis construction walls, Alton Towers
The Nemesis rollercoaster will reopen in 2024

Meanwhile, Alton Towers has begun marketing the track installation phase of the Nemesis rollercoaster, which is expected to re-launch as ‘Nemesis Reborn’ next season.

Black track with a red, vein-like, livery has arrived at the Staffordshire resort, with some sections already fitted to new supports.

An observation platform has also been erected to enable guests to view the rollercoaster’s construction site, although they are partially obscured by monorail track.