Oakwood: Man’s injuries ‘not life-threatening’

Oakwood theme park

A man injured when he fell from the Treetops rollercoaster at Oakwood theme park has non-life-threatening injuries.

Dyfed-Powys Police told the BBC the severity of the man’s injuries after he was reportedly thrown from the ride on Sunday.

Oakwood remains closed as planned until Saturday, but the Treetops ride will not re-open as it subject to examination by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

In an expanded statement released on Monday, the Welsh theme park said that the “health, safety, and wellbeing” of its visitors and staff was of “paramount importance”.

“We are co-operating fully with the HSE investigation into the incident and are unable to comment further at this stage,” it added.

The investigation process is likely to take at least several months, with the ride unlikely to operate again this season.

‘Loose carriages’

Eyewitness Dr Harriet Lloyd told the BBC that the man was thrown from the ride’s train.

“One of the carriages on the back of the ride had been shaking as it had been going round. It looked like the last few carriages were loose and wobbling,” she said.

Dr Lloyd relayed her husband’s account of the ride, as he was on board with her son.

“When he turned around the man was no longer there, and then they saw him on the second descent of the ride, and he’d obviously been thrown out of carriage.

“He could see him and then the passengers were trying to help hold the last carriage on because the girl was still in it, and it was still moving around.”

The Treetops family rollercoaster opened in 1989 and its train seats up to 40 people.