Sik: New Flamingo Land ride to open on 2 July

Sik, Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land’s new 10-inversion rollercoaster Sik is set to open to the public on 2 July.

Delayed by two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other construction issues, the Intamin-manufactured ride’s name was also confirmed this week.

Based on a partnership with North Yorkshire fashion brand SikSilk, Flamingo Land owner Gordon Gibb said that he was proud of the new ride.

“We are all very proud of our achievement in delivering this world-class rollercoaster as our new star attraction at Flamingo Land,” he told the Scarborough News.

Gibb also confirmed the ride’s opening date as being the first Saturday in July.

SikSilk link

The ride’s name, Sik, has attracted considerable controversy, after being widely referred to as ‘Inversion’ since the planning stage.

Gibb said that the name represented “two fantastic local brands being joined together”, with the SikSilk brand expected to be represented in a new shop next to the ride.

The ride is being described as being “part of an £18 million project”.

Sik is an updated version of the Multi Inversion Coaster model from Intamin, and is effectively a modernised version of the Colossus ride at Thorpe Park.

The main differences are updated trains with lap-bar-style restraints and a steeper swooping first drop.

The rollercoaster has been testing since last week, with footage emerging on social media that appeared to show water-filled test dummies falling from the train.