Flamingo Land: ‘Inversion’ rollercoaster plans emerge

Multi Inversion Coaster, Intamin

Flamingo Land has submitted a planning application for its forthcoming 10-inversion Intamin rollercoaster, referred to as ‘Inversion’.

Documents received by Ryedale District Council on 21 May describe a 34-metre high, 875-metre long ride.

Those dimensions are consistent with the specification’s of Swiss manufacturer Intamin’s second – or ‘Revision ‘B’ – variant of its 10-inversion rollercoaster model.

An example of that model is the Altair rollercoaster, which opened at the Italian theme park Cinecittà World in 2014.

The ‘Revision B’ model is a slightly updated version of the original 10-inversion rollercoaster from Intamin, of which Colossus at Thorpe Park is an example.

Ride Rater revealed Flamingo Land’s addition of a 10-inversion Intamin ride back in February.

Land preparations

Land preparation work at Flamingo Land has been underway for several months.

Given the typical times required for construction and testing, the rollercoaster is now likely to open in 2020.

It will be located adjacent to the park’s entrance plaza, extending across and beyond the site of the former Corkscrew rollercoaster.

Flamingo Land has not yet publicly confirmed that addition of the ride, nor its name, although it is referred to as ‘Inversion’ in the planning application.

The North Yorkshire theme park and its planners have been approached for comment.

The council’s determination deadline for the application is listed as 25 July.