Apocalypse ‘leaving Drayton Manor this season’

Apocalypse, Drayton Manor

The Apocalypse drop tower will be leaving Drayton manor this season, reports say.

The Attraction Source website tweeted this afternoon that the Tamworth theme park had confirmed the ride’s departure to them.

Apocalypse later appeared as listed on a third-party sales website, where the park’s former G-Force rollercoaster is also listed.

The 177-foot (54 metre) ride was opened in 2000 as the world’s first stand-up drop tower.

Apocalypse was named RideRater’s top UK ride for the 2021 season, and is generally highly regarded in Europe.

Its pending departure from Drayton Manor has been widely rumoured in recent years.

The park has recently begun to emphasise a self-titled “family-thrill” model, with its logo also recently updated.

Drayton Manor has not responded to a request for comment on Apocalypse’s future.

Article updated 31 May 2022 with additional information.