Review: Black Mirror Labyrinth at Thorpe Park

Black Mirror Labyrinth, Thorpe Park
1.5 star review

Marketed at the UK’s “first live Black Mirror experience”, the Labyrinth opened at Thorpe Park in May last year.

The walkthrough attraction is effectively an elaborate hall of mirrors with some modern technology and a loose link to the Black Mirror television series.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we’re almost a year after opening with this review, but the labyrinth’s launch last year was almost two years since the series last aired.

It therefore represents another example in a long line of attractions at Thorpe Park that are based on intellectual property attractions that are seemingly past their peak.

The maze itself, which can still attract considerable queues, is relatively disappointing aside from a few nice modern high-tech inputs and interactivity at the start.

It is more than possible to briefly get lost inside, but this is no unique selling point for a hall of mirrors.

The Black Mirror Labyrinth would be a disappointing scare maze if it were a headline attraction at Thorpe Park’s Fright Nights, but as an ever-present feature it becomes even more unremarkable.

Even as the filler attraction between major investments that it is, the labyrinth still falls disappointingly short.