Review: Croc Drop at Chessington World of Adventures

Croc Drop, Chessington World of Adventures
3 star review

When Chessington World of Adventures removed Rameses Revenge – an out-and-out thrill ride – it was something of a statement.

The Huss Top Spin was effectively the final remnant of Chessington’s somewhat more thrill-inclusive past.

In April last year, Rameses’ replacement opened in the form of the Croc Drop tower ride, positioned on the same site within the park.

This was no like-for-like replacement thrill ride, Croc Drop is a modest 84-foot (26-metre) model drop tower.

This season the screens that semi-segregated riders during COVID-19 controls in the ride’s opening year are gone.

But also absent is the rotation of the gondola, which occurred during its ascent and brief holds. This takes away from the ride slightly.

The theming however remains good, and the artistry of the open-mouthed crocodile – into which riders freefall – is impressive.

The ride cycle gives three drops of medium intensity, which are just about the right level for Chessington’s family target audience.

Both the height and booming sound effects are still likely to be sufficient to scare anyone that is just reaching the ride’s 1.2-metre height restriction.

There also appears to be occasional reliability issues which cause stoppages for brief periods, sometimes several times per day.

Overall though, Croc Drop delivers a solid, even if not hugely memorable, return on what was a fairly modest investment from Chessington’s operators Merlin Entertainments.